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#1. Right-click on the images below and choose "Save Image As..." to download them on your hard drive; if you leave the names unchanged, you won't need to modifiy anything in the code you'll find below.
Normal Logo Highlighted Logo
#2. Place the following code onto the page you want to place the link on. I would recommend directly editing the HTML file using Notepad or similar programs and copy & paste this code right after the <body> tag:
<script language="JavaScript">
//<------------------------- Mystery & Imagination --------------------

    myslogo_off = new Image(); myslogo_off.src = "myslogo.jpg";
    myslogo_on = new Image(); myslogo_on.src = "myslogo_on.jpg";
    myslogo_on_msg = "Visit `Mystery & Imagination´!"

    function Switch (imgName, newState)
        var newImg = imgName + "_" + newState;
        self.status = (newState == 'off') ? '' : eval(newImg + "_msg");
        document.images[imgName].src = eval(newImg + ".src");
        return true;

NOTE: You may need to modify the lines #4 and #5 with the proper file names, if you place the images in other directories than the one containing the HTML file, or if you save them under different names.
#3. Place the following code wherever you want the link to be:
<a href=""
    onMouseOver="return Switch('myslogo', 'on')"
    onMouseOut="return Switch('myslogo', 'off')">
<img src="myslogo.jpg" name="myslogo"
    alt="Mystery and Imagination"
    border=0 height=65 width=143></a>
NOTE: The above code must not be broken into several lines as it is the case here! Also, if you save my images under different names, you may need to modify the image source filename consequently.
#4. This is the result you should get:
(Click on the icon to return to Front Door.)
Mystery and Imagination
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Last modified: May 14, 1999.