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My Friends
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I am slowly (but surely...) adding entries for each of you, as time and
other important factors permit. Feel free to encourage me! *hehe*
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Andrea Andrea
"... I look beyond, however / Past bad times, much like the snow; / Winter does not stay forever / It just tends to come and go."
        Sweet young lady as you are, Andy, you couldn't help but become a dear friend of mine! I shall always be thankful for whatever brought you to my site and made you sign my guestbook, because you good humor and witty comments made me smile more than once, and writing with you was a true pleasure.
Anna Anna
"... I knew it all, my angel; meeting / Your eyes, I saw you, pretty sweeting..."
        You are to me the sister I have never had; you helped me be strong when I felt weak, and your happy nature is so contagious I couldn't help smiling every time I talked with you. Thank you for being yourself!
Carol Lois Carol Lois
        A smiling eagle you have always been, even when troubles were looming over you in their gloomy fashion. Because of your faith in God, and thus in yourself, you somehow always manage to be strong, in defiance to what events may occur, and you share your strength with your friends.
"... Keep smiling, eagle, and don't look behind / For in the end Heavens you'll find!"
Cornelia Cornelia
"... You'll always be my pride, / My flower, growing wild and pretty, / In my soul's garden, like a kitty / Forever young and never sad / I shall pretend to hold your hand..."
        What else can I say, Conny? Since the very first time I met you, you are "shaping who I am becoming and allowing me to discover the best in myself". I miss you dearly my friend, and in my heart your memory shall always shine through my darkest nights.

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