Tears Falling
Will you walk with me once in a while?
Will you share with me your smile?
Will you follow me down to my darkness?
Will you light a candle during my great despair?
Will you whisper in my ear when I am alone?
Will you take my hand and lead me back home?

Can I hold you for one long last time?
Can I pretend for a little while that you are mine?
Can we whisper each others names and pretend?
Can I wish for this never to end?
Can I stop my heart from calling your name?
Can you hold me, now everything has changed?

Will you forget me with the passing of time?
Can I forget that for a little while you were mine?
Will you hear what my soul to you is calling?
Can I hide the tracks of my tears falling?

Katherine Wolfheart (14th October 1997)

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