The Kiss
Silently she waits for him,
To be by her side.
Her heart is beating against her breast.
No more her love to hide.

A night bird calls out.
She turns, startled at the sound.
Waiting for her one true love,
A whisper! Her heart does pound.

From the shadows he appears,
A white rose in his hand.
He gives it to her with his heart,
And for a moment they stand.

With a look no mortal can fathom,
He pulls her into his embrace.
Hearing her sigh of happiness,
Raining kisses on her face.

She whispers his name,
A tear falls from her eyes.
With tenderness he wipes it away.
Smiling, as his eyes ask why.

Taking his face into her hands,
A smile on her cherry lips.
Together they join heart and soul,
Into a searching Kiss.

Katherine Wolfheart

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