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July 16 - July 21, 1998
For my love, so sweet and so wonderful, whose memory has never really left me and to whom I shall always be faithful, no matter what happens.

I Shall Be Strong, My Love
I shall be strong, my love
For weakness isn't his
Whose passion true and well above
All other feelings is

My heart is yours, my love, you know
For all eternity
No soul alive can shield the glow
Of your sweet memory

So I won't cry, my love, because
Your thoughts invade my mind
And I see you: so wrong are those
Who think that love is blind

I shall remember you, my love
For days and nights, and years...
So shall our angel far above -
But she's afraid of tears

We shall be fine, my love, you'll see
Our dream may still come true
If only you'd believe in me
Like I believe in you

Fox Cornell  (May-July 1998)

"Fox Cornell" is the pen name of... myself, the creator of these pages. I love to get comments on my work, as well good as bad (provided these latter are actually possible....hehe), so feel free to write!
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