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06.12.00 September   (Bridget O'Brien)
07.09.99 Love   (Richard Howland, Jr.)
15.07.99 Spring   (Bridget O'Brien)
23.05.99 The Time Is Now   (unknown)
22.02.99 Moon and Stars   (Christina Jean Young)
07.11.98 Surrounding Me   (Christina Jean Young)
25.10.98 Jabberwocky   (Lewis Carroll)
27.09.98 Only Dreamed   (Janet Mifsud)
15.09.98 The Kiss   (Katherine Wolfheart)
22.08.98 Fortune of the Heart   (Michael C. Ryan)
10.08.98 Up-Hill   (Christina Rossetti)
30.07.98 Love's Philosophy   (Percy Bysshe Shelley)
21.07.98 I Shall Be Strong, My Love   (Fox Cornell)
16.07.98 Lovely Springtime   (Andrea Baldwin & Fox Cornell)
15.06.98 Annabel Lee   (Edgar Allan Poe)
08.06.98 Sweet-and-Twenty   (William Shakespeare)
01.06.98 She was a phantom of delight   (William Wordsworth)
23.05.98 How do I love thee? Let me count the ways   (Elizabeth B. Browning)
13.05.98 Happy the Man   (John Dryden)
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