She Will Return Someday 
To rise up high into the sky I need to fly  
My soul would fall, as if on sirene's call  
If I should try to reach the sky above...  
As my heart shrinks, an angel brings me wings of love  

She moves with grace, I see her beauty face and feel her warm embrace  
In her wise eyes  I read the why's, unanswered, sharp, and lies  
Tearing her heart apart; at her sad glance I start...  
She hugs me tenderly and silently I kiss her hands  

I cry; she helps me to break free of the quicksands 
I soar with her to reach the steady shore...  
She will be gone, leave me alone; I want to run away  
But she begs me to stay and pray: she will return someday.

October 19, 1997
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