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Like Stars
 Glimpsing | My Soaring Lady | Have You Ever
 Early in the Morning | Hope | Rainfall | Long Way
Obvious Mysteries
 Always Late | Nothing I Can Do | Dragonstar
 New! (22-February-99) Love Flower | Like Man | Carefree Love | Little Boat
Time of Angels
 She Will Return Someday | Your Gift | Dream My Dreams
 Lonely Wolf | Love Dawn | Help You Stand | Laugh With You
Fairy Tales
 Like A Fairy... | Moonlight | Happy Birthday | Smiling Eagle
She held my heart... | Pretty Kitty | The One To Stay
Gifts Unnoticed
 Heart of Light * | Endless Winter | Four Years
 You Make Me Feel | Farewell | Wild Angel | Darling Wolf
* Written together with Katherine Wolfheart
Just For You!
 Love Can Take Us | Eel or Bird? | Star | Just like the roses...
 Candles Burning | Lovely Springtime * | Of Heights
* Written together with Andrea Baldwin
 I Shall Be Strong, My Love | Silent River | Why? | Tears | New! (23-March-99) Hearts Can Be Healed
 New! (22-February-99) Tu es ma lune et mon soleilNew! (22-February-99) Mademoiselle de la Nuit 

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Written by Fox Cornell, 1997-1998.
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