Like A Fairy... 
Like an angel, bright among the stars 
A soul so kind, a hand that heals the scars 
Fairy tales describing you so well 
You wake some people up, make others yell 

Are you so blind as not to see the pain?.. 
Here, you can touch my heart, beating in vain 
And when I dream, yes I do dream of you! 
Gone far away you are, so now I miss you 

You shine on people, show your better side 
Made of warm smiles and kisses in the night... 
Me and you, wishing as hard as we can 
Dream and reality becoming one 

Then came the dawn of a bright new day 
Left us the angel, stars fading away 
Me seeing you no more, not knowing what to do 
Helpless I am, completely lost without you 

All day I now pray to see again the stars 
Alone, I know I couldn't ever heal my bleeding scars.

November 9, 1997
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