You walk in beauty 
I admire your step 
As you pass by me 
Singing when I sleep 

The soft sweet melody 
Of friendship and delight 
You make my tears dry out 
When I turn to you, at night 

With love I ought to be content 
That you can give me as a friend 
You cheer me up 
And make me see the day 

In the welcoming light 
Of hope, and passion, and desire 
To live, and I enjoy the fire 
Blurring my sight 

So here I stand among all those 
You hold close to your heart 
I am amazed by your art 
Of love - can you hear my applause? 

Yet deep inside me I feel so unwell 
I cannot help it when I dwell 
Upon the past and present, and I shout 
Because I cannot stand the crowd 

Perhaps they feel it right to share 
That special place no one can dare 
Claim to be theirs; you cherish them and I 
Silently leave, turning but once to feel again your smile 

They need your love more than I do 
I cannot bring you more than what they give to you 
So it is time for me to quietly depart 
And stay behind until the time you need my heart.

December 24, 1997
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