Mademoiselle de la Nuit
The night was steadily unfolding
Its cold dark blanket, tightly holding
The stars, afraid, in its firm grip
Not letting any of them slip

Above, the moon was smiling wryly
As if to say she hears, but silent
Forever bound to remain,
Her good advice is always vain

I felt you, phantom presence falling
Into my arms; my heart was calling:
"My angel, hear me! Can you tell
Am I in heaven or in hell?"

I didn't guess, nor hear, the answer
I witnessed you: grace of a dancer
Engulfing beauty of the sea -
But when I looked, I did not see

Your gray-blue eyes like rivers, asking,
Echanting tears of happy gasping,
For just a moment, just a thought
While for a breath your body fought

I knew it all, my angel; meeting
Your smile, I saw you, pretty sweeting;
Be fool the one who cannot trust
Such Love beyond desire and lust!

January 21, 1999
For a sister I would never have if...

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