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August 11 - August 22, 1998
'Fortune of the Heart' - what a lovely title for a poem. I read it in the Poetry room at The Park, one fine night, and it simply took my breath away! I have seldom read such beauty, and (with the kind permission of its author, Michael C. Ryan) I am sharing it now with you.

Fortune of the Heart
Strolling along, tis a lovely lass I spy.
To be sure, to be sure, I do not lie
By the golden mist, at the end of the rainbow
Tis an angel I see, that presents such a glow

The sparkle in her eyes, is of an impish stare
Her body in all its glory, is completely bare
The curves of silken flesh trembles to be shy
But the heaves of her breath is what catches my eye

Her hair of brown and her skin so white
Nearly make me blind as I behold this sight
Her gaze my way, seems to reflect my face
Our search has ended in this time and space

The line between our eyes cannot be broken
The desire and wanting cannot be spoken
The speaking of many, cannot be verbose
In saying why these two should be close

With no movement from either, our bodies draw near
And tears in each eye express our revere.
What tasks have we done to deserve such favor
To make the gods smile with such taste and flavor

A touch from each other appears with such fear
For the glory of their fortune is still unclear
Our actions not special, our pasts are not clean
Could the gods set these two, just to be mean

With fear and foreboding expressed on their faces
A light from above shines down on their places
The Goddess Aine* speaks the color of blue
"Hear what I say and take it as true.

My children, you know not your worth
You have truth that's brought from your birth
The lives that you blindly live
Have no measure on what you have to give

Your experience of past, only serves to protect you
Your delight of wicked, and sadness of blue
The paths you have crossed, created your wise
Your innocence of children, in you can surmise

Your wish in all things, to be truly smart
Has no comparison to purity of heart
Your outer ways serve only as shell
Tis the truth of heart, that has served you well

In you I see these answers are true
I place my blessing on you and you
So go into the world but do not teach
Just show the others what they must reach"

With this truth, told in this holy place
I turn and behold your beautiful face
A calm comes forth that we are the one
To caress light and beauty, as bright as the sun

Our bodies entangle with grace and with joy
We've been blessed to live life, like playing a toy
What used to seem, too hard and too aloft
With you in my arms, the landing is soft.

It is love we will make with such lofty height
It will flow all around and not just our sight
My heart will stay pure, for only with thee
Can I say at last, we are truly free.

Michael C. Ryan (March 17th 1998)
* Aine: Irish Goddess of Love.
Michael's explanation.


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