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August 23 - September 14, 1998
'The Kiss' tells the tale of everything I ever wanted to feel and make feel. I fell in love with this poem at the very moment I read it; and I would like to thank Katherine for letting me display it within my pages, for all lovers to enjoy. Thank you!

The Kiss
Silently she waits for him,
To be by her side.
Her heart is beating against her breast.
No more her love to hide.

A night bird calls out.
She turns, startled at the sound.
Waiting for her one true love,
A whisper! Her heart does pound.

From the shadows he appears,
A white rose in his hand.
He gives it to her with his heart, 
And for a moment they stand.

With a look no mortal can fathom,
He pulls her into his embrace.
Hearing her sigh of happiness,
Raining kisses on her face.

She whispers his name,
A tear falls from her eyes.
With tenderness he wipes it away.
Smiling, as his eyes ask why.

Taking his face into her hands,
A smile on her cherry lips.
Together they join heart and soul,
Into a searching Kiss.

Katherine Wolfheart

Katherine Wolfheart is a lady I have met in the Poetry room at The Park; from the very start we were enjoying each other's poetry and later became close friends. This poem is one of her latest, and, I have to say, probably one of her best.
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