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November 7, 1998 - February 21, 1999
I suppose some people would say this poem is not beautiful... it doesn't rhyme, it has little use of metaphors and other common figures of style, and it does not quite match any known classification. Quite so. But it also happens to be open and sweet, penetrating and moving, gently sad and very much heart-felt. It fits my definition of a good poem rather beautifully, all in all!

Moon and Stars
Last night I took a walk
Long, long after dark
I sat by the shore and thought of you.
I felt that you were beside me
Sharing this precious moment.
Even though you were nowhere near,
My ear heard your voice whispering.
Every time the wind blew
I felt your arms around me.
As I stared at the stars
I felt your soul reaching for mine,
As I was searching for yours
I thought of the good times we have had
And the better ones to come.
I felt that you were staring at the moon
At the same moment as I.
I remembered the dreams that we had shared
And the closeness of our love.
When I closed my eyes
I felt your lips on mine
So, tonight Long, long after dark..
Look at the moon and stars
And open up your soul,
Know that I will be doing the same.
Wherever we are or the number of miles apart,
Remember to take that walk and look up above,
Close your eyes and open your heart
And feel me beside you,
My arms wrapped around
Whispering in your ear
And we will be together.
Let nothing keep us apart.
To feel my warmth and smile
All you need is the moon and stars...
Christina Jean Young


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