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May 23 - July 14, 1999
Ah, Spring! Certainly my favorite season... So many things come true in Spring, I guess most of you can tell. New life is like a flower - or maybe flowers are like new life? Flourishing in splendor, but then fading, eventually. All we can do is make their beauty last as long as possible.
The sun is brightly shining
The air is crisp and clear
The nodding little daffodils
Tell us spring is here
With it's gay awakening
From winter's long cold sleep
Violets in the shady nook
And rivers running deep
Spring, the youth of seasons
Is like a debutante
Dressed in pastel colours
Makes her entrance grand
All eyes are turned upon her
For she's a lovely sight
Captivating, young hearts
With her perfumed air at night
Bridget O'Brien
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