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September 7, 1999 - December 6, 2000
So the summer is over, with the coming of a new month, of a new season: September. I decided it was likewise time for a new poem, too, and then I thought the perfect entry in this section is no longer subject to doubt. Bridget's poetry amazes me, and this piece really captures the spirit of Fall. A masterpiece which I could by no means pass by!
Summer goes out
Like a burning ember
Fanned by the breeze
Of a cool September
A riot of colour
Wild and gay
Falling leaves chasing
Like kittens at play
Birds winging southward
To the winter nest
Neath blue sky's, billows of foam
Ride high on the crest
Autumn's paint brush splashing
Scarlet and gold
As the vivid shades
Of fall unfold
A soft misty haze
Like fairy dreams
Touching the hills
And mountain streams
The leafy forest
Is set ablaze
By the magic touch
Of September days
Bridget O'Brien
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