Love Dawn 
Your eyes are shining like the sun 
I see them sparkling in the dawn 
When my love rises in the myst 
Its colors those of amethysts 

Your smile is beauty on its own 
It guides me there, by cold winds blown 
Where I find warmth and tenderness 
Lost in my dreams, I'm worriless 

Soon the bright rays shall blind me there 
I'll see no more, but I don't care 
Because your love stays deep inside 
My heart, you'll always be my pride 

My flower, growing wild and pretty 
In my soul's garden, like a kitty 
Forever young and never sad 
I shall pretend to hold your hand 

Please don't withdraw it already 
Perhaps there's something more to see 
In the sad mirror of my face 
When all I need is your embrace.

November 2, 1997
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