Help You Stand
Lonely feeling rising 
In your fragile heart 
You hear the others laughing 
Your soul is torn apart 

But don't you care 
Of what the others say! 
Just live your life 
In your peculiar way! 

You blush and want to cry 
At merciless remarks 
Thrown at you, you try 
To hide in your own ark 

But they are not your friends 
Who smile and laugh behind your back 
Don't listen to their sharp comments 
For decency is what they lack 

A friend would never let you down 
They wouldn't let a single frown 
Distrurb the stillness of your face 
They'd help you walk at your own pace 

They'd help you stand if you should fall 
Asking no price to pay at all 
As soon as danger is in sight 
You'll find them standing at your side 

They'll cheer you up when you feel sad 
Their love you'll find you've always had 
They'll share your joy and happiness 
Make you forget your loneliness 

And you won't care 
Of what the others say 
You'll find the light 
In their peculiar ways.

November 2, 1997 
Dedicated to a very special friend of mine, 
In hopes that she would smile and feel happy 
No matter what they say
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Graphics by Lady Dj