Pretty Kitty
The dark wild fire on your head 
Shall never burn, but waves instead 
When the eternal nature's breath 
Blows, and you feel her soft caress 

Closing your eyes, you raise your arms 
Towards the sun; under its charms 
You laugh and in your smile 
Reflects the sunshine, for a while 

Your gentle smile awakes in me 
What I have always dreamt to be 
'Cos it shines even when the sun 
Leaves you in shadows, all alone 

But when the rain wets your sweet face 
Like sudden tears, casting a haze 
Before your eyes you'll find a friend 
Whose love for you shall never end 

I'll wipe the raindrops from your cheek 
Away, and however weak, 
Your smile shall brighten up my day 
So with a kiss I'll make it stay!

November 27, 1997
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