The One To Stay 
You're not a wall I lay upon 
Nor are you shining like a star 
Because the stars shine from so far 
And walls all shatter when I moan 

You're not the one who helped me stand 
You didn't just hold out your hand 
Nor did you join my dark despair 
When I thought life to be unfair 

Instead, you sat near where I lied 
You were so much dissatisfied 
With my behaviour and I 
Shut up and looked into your eyes 

My own met yours and what I saw 
You said it already before 
When your heart yelled for me to hear 
But I was deaf, yet I was near! 

I never lacked a listening ear 
I talked, and talked, about that fear 
Growing inside me like bad seeds 
I always talked about my needs 

And how they went unmet, unnoticed 
In front of those to whom I gave 
The light of hope - but hope, I noticed 
Would lead me straight into my grave 

When smiles and sighs were all unhappy 
When the bad moon caressed my gloom 
I found the doubts grow deep inside me 
I was prepared to meet my doom 

When you rushed in and found me crying 
You knew precisely what to do 
How did you know my heart was dying? 
Was it so obvious to you? 

You pulled my heart close to your own 
Brushing the dirty mud away... 
When all the others will have flown 
Still mine shall be the one to stay!

December 2, 1997
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