Endless Winter 
One morning, it was snowing 
So the surroundings were all 
Wearing the white dress made 
Of snow, so cold and so pure 

I love this kind of scenery 
It makes a longing feeling 
Grasp my heart and squeeze it 
Gently, but not violently 

Winter, this cold, snowy, quiet 
Winter is precisely the season 
My heart happens to be going 
Through for quite some time now. 

Indeed, be it alone, with no 
Warm place to find comfort in, 
It would freeze before I even 
Notice, to become a heart of ice. 

Yet it feels well when there is 
Someone to shelter it, and give it 
Warmth and strength, neither 
Of which, perhaps, it truly deserves 

I would hate to let my heart die 
Yet at times I feel it is its destiny 
To die of cold... Only, you 
Wouldn't let it freeze, would you? 

I have always had to fight 
My way through the snowstorm 
For my heart to find some heat 
To keep itself warm. 

I am growing so tired 
Of constantly having to fight. 
My heart was growing weary 
Until there was you my friend. 

You gave me that heat 
I was dying to find 
For a change I didn't have 
To beg. Thank you!

December 5, 1997
Dedicated to all those whom I can
Call dear and loving friends.
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