Heart of Light *
To her we dedicate this poem 
Who's always here when she is gone 
She stays in our hearts forever 
Her own shining like the sun 

She spreads the light on us, unnoticed 
Sometimes, it seems like we don't care 
It is not so: there's no such moment 
When deep inside us we forget 

In beauty when she passes by 
Her heart to us is open wide 
A caring soul, we can call her friend 
As we laugh and sing with her until the end 

With warm hugs a plenty 
When ever our hearts feel empty 
For the times we have shared our hearts 
Though we sit here many worlds apart 

Who is she we hear you ask 
Who is that heart behind the mask? 
She is our angel in times of need 
Janet we call you friend indeed!

November 30, 1997
* Written together with Katherine Wolfheart.
Dedicated to Janet Mifsud, with love.
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