Darling Wolf
Wolves are like angels beautiful 
And so are you my dear 
Most people are often forgetful 
And this is why they are here 

To remind us of this special legacy 
One that we often neglect 
So of my strength you remind me 
My heart you will always protect 

This is what true love is about 
You make me happy when I cry 
The thought of you is shown aloud 
When through my tears to laugh I try 

Those tears are shed as well for you as 
For our land we don't respect 
For all those wolves we seem to treat as 
If their lives we could direct 

We only think of our own destiny 
No mercy showing in our eyes 
Except in mine, as I breathe heavily 
When your glance down on me lies 

What nature so kindly has offered us 
We shamelessly want to destroy 
Just like the dreams I have suffered from 
I can't bring myself to enjoy 

Like of life the wild fire we extinguish 
So do I make my own sun set 
Yet in every twilight, every fireplace 
Like the stars, life still shines on my face

January 3, 1998
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