Love Can Take Us
Love can take us to the far-off land 
Where roads are built of stone 
And castles made of sand 

Where rivers are too deep 
And mountains too high... 
Where rain falls when you weep 
And winds blow when you sigh 

Where forests are too dark 
And winter nights too cold... 
Where in a thousand sparks 
Your flowers do unfold 

They shine in grace and beauty 
Just like as many stars 
Embracing, waiting, waving 
For them I'll come from far 

I'll cross the rivers deep 
And climb the mountains high 
I'll kiss you in your sleep 
No longer will you sigh 

And to the darkest wood 
My candle I shall bring 
So where the cold night stood 
My light for you will sing 

The trees will bow before us 
Retreating as they do 
And through the tears in my eyes 
You'll see that I love you.

February 6, 1998
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