Lovely Springtime *
Lovely springtime, shyly calling 
Birth, birds singing all around 
Earthly freckles, flowers unfolding 
Can you hear the precious sound? 

Sparkling newtime, rain gently falling 
New lives in the fields abound 
In my hand, beauty I am holding 
A lady beetle, I have found 

Lovely springtime, colour enthralling 
As flowers rise up from the ground 
A mother bird in the distance, scolding 
Is this the same world, once icebound? 

Is this the same snow-covered forest 
That on my way to love I passed? 
Through which begone, all feelings honest 
Became insane and overcast? 

All joys and passions were awaken 
At once when nature's cold white bed 
By her delicate hands was shaken 
To wave like warm green fire instead 

But just as all things come to pass 
This too shall end one day 
Snow clouds shall fill again the sky 
Like my life, it is Nature's way 

I look beyond, however 
Past bad times, much like the snow. 
Winter does not stay forever 
It just tends to come and go.

June 1998
* Written together with Andrea Baldwin.
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