Of Heights
Some people long to reach the heights
Gods only rule upon -
Needless to say, succeeding but at night
And in their dreams alone

Dreams yes, but also surely real
When like a Queen you shine
Upon the ones lost in the realm
Of the almighty shrine

You trust your strength, and strength is what you give
Along with passion, wisdom, you receive
So unexpected (true) yet so deserved warmth
Which would protect your heart from coldest storms

Shy greatness isn't his or hers who seek
To gain more power, strong among the weak
Instead, so graciously it does belong to you
Whose force of will and mind did, and will always,
           guide you through

The worst of nightmares, and your wildest dream
Of which the colors through all barriers gleam...
You wonder why these words to you so blissfully apply? -
Because you seek no height, yet with the angels fly.

June 25, 1998
For Patricia, affectionately.
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