Silent River
The stars will seem to shine below your pretty eyes 
As you lie down restless, smiling shyly, on the grass 
Trying to hear an answer from the silent skies 
Thinking about you, and me - about us 

Each day I meet with an uncertain gloom 
Leaves me half-empty; what is wrong with us? 
Why couldn't we together lie on silent grass? 
How can we shape the life cloth weaven on the loom 

Which in itself is nothing but a dream 
Restlessly flowing down with the stream 
Winding and turning, digging deep within 
The soil of doubts and the rock unseen 

A river mingling with a brook, to be 
Yet even stronger, for us both to see 
How weak, uncertain lights can shine 
Together, bright, like fingers intertwine 

To form a true alliance: you and me 
Hands holding more than just a glass of wine 
When to our future we drink - yours and mine 
And that same river flows inside us, silently.

August 3, 1998
In silence due to you and me.

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