Why are you so far that I can't even touch you?
Why can't you be here for my arms tight to hold you?
Why couldn't I kiss you and tell you I love you?
Oh, why does my heart hurt so much when I miss you?

I can't feel your breath nor your lips kissing mine
Can't hear your sweet words saying everything's fine
I sigh at the stars and remember my pain
Their light in the night showing my heart insane

Be dim or be bright, one lone star they avoid
For stronger it shines, by the darkness annoyed
I look at that star and I whisper your name
But if you don't hear, it is never the same

How can it be dark when a star such as ours
Glows softly inside us and grows by the hour?
Why can't I admit that my love is too strong?
Will there be a night when the right won't be wrong?

June-August 1998
I miss you , my love.

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