Hearts Can Be Healed *
They say that all hearts
Can be healed with time
From any dicease, be it sorrow
Or grief, or simply when low
Feeling yourself you find, cold
Winds blow inside, or your mind is at fault:
Bad feelings shall die, and if your heart can shine
Like the wings of an eagle afloat in the sky
In the gleam of the sunrays, everything but shy
So it will, have no doubt, and so surely will mine.

It is true: time may not bring relief 
I miss you in the weeping of the rain 
I want you at the shrinking of the day
I see you by the way you think
I wait and hope for our lives to link

Time does not always ease the pain
I need you in my quiet place,
I touch you in all my memories,
I hold you in this vale of tears,
I wait for us to live these fears

Yet through this pain I know you feel
There waits a light of hope, honest and real
Now I know how you feel when you're alone
I feel the pain, I understand it cuts you to the bone
But on the days so dark and dreary
I will be there, to let you know,
Hearts always heal,
Always believe that is so.

June 1998
* Written together with Sera & Sparrow
UPDATE   I have proposed, to the people of the Poetry
room at The Park, to finish this poem, and we came
up with the last 3 stanzas (the first being my original).

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