Of all the tears I've shed
The sweetest were for you
Mild showers, in my bed
The smiles were for you too

Tears fell like rain, and thunder
Was rolling in my head
How could it be, I wonder?
I heard your voice instead

I listened, yet in silence
I felt you touch my cheek
As the storm raged in violence
I couldn't even speak

I saw you whisper slowly
"You needn't talk, my dear"
Your hand was soft upon me
"You know I'll always hear"

Smiles shook my lips; in winter
The wind thus shakes the snow
"My sweet, please do not whimper
You'll have to let me go"

Will you be back? I shivered
Please say you will! I thought
"Perhaps", you sadly answered
"Our lives may change, a lot"

September 27, 1998
"Sweetness unexpected may only
come in dreams".

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