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'Sleeping Fox' - Rebecca Kemp (1997)
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Updated: June 16, 2001

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20.12 - ??.?? Considering I have but little time I can afford to spend on my pages, I believe tribute should be made to chance... Coincidence... Magic, perhaps the magic of fairy tales, even, or maybe that of snowfalls, which made me wish to dress my site up for upcoming Christmas. Glory to the season of cold and misty nights!
When angry winter coldly
Its tribute will reclaim
It is no use to scorn it
Or dare stand in its way

The wind will freeze a picture
Of nature's helpless glare
Reminiscing the future
That every past will share

The frost will alter smoothly
All shapes and colors gay
Of autumn leaving cooly
Its assets in dismay

Gold will turn into silver
To winter's pure delight
Captivating young hearts
With this alchemy of white

Jan. 2000
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