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16.06.01-   I managed to realise, after one very sweet girl asked me about my site, that it's been ages since the last update, and that the snowflakes were rather irritating, considering it's still not quite mild springtime here, although the warmth of the sun is long overdue. So, to make a long story short, I changed snowflakes into fairies (me, too, like them, do seem to have some magic after all) and modified the script to make them rise. I hope you enjoy!
03.01.01-   Finally, I have something to write in this section... Since people often ask, I added my latest pictures to my Photo Album. Not much hope that I'll get to update it again anytime soon, since I am working on a new (professional) site (get a glimpse here). Oh, and Happy New Year 2001!
13.07.99-   New additions to the Poetry section: I finally got around to adding my most recent poems in French, Tu es ma lune... et Philosophie du Coeur (the latter is a translation of the world famous poem Love's Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley).
14.05.99-   I decided I no longer liked the details of my Front Page, so I thought I would improve it a little... This resulted in: (a) re-writing all JavaScript code; (b) re-designing all button graphics and the title; (c) re-structuring the HTML code, I found I hated the way Composer arranges it! Finally, I changed the central menu on my Front Page to make it more attractive. I hope you like the changes!
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22.03.99-   One of my poems in the Poetry Section has grown in size and meaning: Hearts Can Be Healed, check it out!

23.02.99-   Made a few minor modifications to the Personal Info Section; also added new entries for My Friends.

23.02.99-   Added new poems to Fox Cornell's page in my Poetry Section: Love Flower, Tu es ma lune et mon soleil (in French, but translation available) and Mademoiselle de la Nuit; also added new pictures to My Gallery in my Photo Album.

22.02.99-   I no longer seem to like the Front Door of my site, so I decided to re-design some of the graphics and to change the layout a little. Most of the features remain unchanged though.

30.01.99-   Long overdue, my Photo Album, containing only pictures of myself for now, unfortunately, is online. I shall be completing it with other photos I scanned which were made during my trip to Florida and our recent stay in Germany.

3.10.98-   I finally got around to renovating the Virtual Gifts section, which now looks more or less decently. However, I haven't yet had time to update and check all the links, so if you try one and it is broken, please feel free to report!

3.10.98-   The Poetry section was enriched with new additions: Forgotten by Katherine Wolfheart, Why?, Tears and Hearts Can Be Healed by Fox Cornell.

27.09.98-   Added two new poems by Katherine Wolfheart: Tears Falling and The Kiss.

3.08.98-   The Poetry section of my site received a couple of new contributions: Silent River by Fox Cornell, Moon by Janet Mifsud and Don't Forget Me by Katherine Wolfheart.

30.07.98-   I have added another series of pages related to poetry, in French this time: Mes Poêmes en Français (my poems in French), thus finishing (for now) the Poetry section of my site.

28.07.98-   It looks like the Poetry section is drawing all my attention these days; it isn't a shere obstinacy of mine though, but also a promise I made quite some time ago. One way or another, I have added the poems written by M. E. Proulx. to the Other Poets section.

23.07.98-   I've been working on the Poetry section again and I finished another sub-section: Poems for Wild Fox.

20.07.98-   It's been ages since I last worked on the Poetry section of my site. So, and also to do eventually what I told Andrea I would do, I added Andrea's poems to the page I created for her a while back. Check them out, they're well worth the wait!

19.07.98-   Everyone knows that people get bored when on holidays, especially students. There was also that innocent remark made by Luc Emering (assistant to Pr. Daniel Thalmann, EPFL/LIG) in an e-mail to me, suggesting that I might have explored other fractal structures than the one given as an assignment for the course. So it took me little time to decide I wanted to do just that - in short, I had found a good excuse to spend half-a-day at the EPFL surfing the web. The result of about a quarter of that half-day is another animated example of a simple fractal structure. Enjoy!

16.07.98-   Now that I'm done with my exams (which were not too tough, but that was my own fault), I am back to (eternally) re-designing these pages, but also adding new creations. Two new poems are now displayed on Fox Cornell's poetry page: Of Heights and I Shall Be Strong, My Love (the latter is of course dedicated to my sweet love).

21.06.98-   I had the idea of creating a What's New? section a few days ago and I thought I would take care of this before working on the other sections of my site that are still to be perfected. So here it is! Every improvement will appear here as it is made. Thank you for visiting!

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